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August 21, 2018
Brisbane West

Brisbane West Painters

G.A.S Painting and Decorating Qld started as a family business in 1959 by Kelvin Smith. The company was formerly called Town and Country Contractors. Kelvin Smith introduced this business to his sons: Gary Smith and Graeme Smith. In 1990, Graeme was well conversant with the job and entered a partnership with his father in 1992. Graeme Andrew Smith took over the business in 2006 with excellent experience in the field.

Brisbane WestHe renamed the company to G.A.S Painting and Decorating Qld in 2018. They are located in the Brisbane area, but they extended their services to Mackay, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Stradbroke Land and Fraser Island.

G.A.S Painting and Decorating Qld primarily provides a Brisbane West painting service including the following:

Residential Painters

Graeme’s team has experience in residential painting that will give your home a sense of pride. What you need to do is tell them about your favorite color and show them your mood board if you have one. The team will ensure that your dream home will come into reality and exceed your initial expectations. House painting is more than look, but also it should be able to withstand harsh Brisbane and surrounding areas conditions.

Investing in the great paint is an excellent way to protect your home. It will improve your house appearance, and that is why it is wise to choose the best residential painters. Graeme’s painters with over 40 years’ experience are an exceptional group to provide high standards for your home.

Brisbane West Interior painting

Interior painting is an effective and simple way to make your house rooms unrecognizable. Additionally, it is a way that will express your character and personality plus a great way to fetch a reasonable price from your home. G.A.S Painting and Decorating Qld have talented painters who can go ahead and remain any damage like water repair.

Brisbane West Exterior painting

Exterior painting of your home is a nice idea that will transform and renovate it. It will also change your home landscape. From the start of consultation to the final job, Graeme’s team has a high level of specialization in choosing the color, home preparation, application, and finishes.

They clean up all the area themselves and leave absolutely no trace. Graeme will personally supervise all the painting procedure from start to finish. They provide exterior painting services such as roof, gutters, and fence painting.

Luxury homes

Projects involving luxury homes are the best specialty at G.A.S Painting and Decorating Qld. When you invest in a luxury home, you need qualified painters and excellent decorating services that will complete work for you.

From various maintenance and periodical painting, the G.A.S team will provide reliable work for you with the highest standards. Many years of experience in Brisbane and surrounding areas have taught Graeme’s team importance virtues such as keenly selecting the color that complements with surrounding natural environment, using highly weather resistant painting and decor and hiring talented and qualified employees to ensure that they will produce the results that will last long.

At the local level, the team ensures that they respect your home and make your expectations come into reality.

Brisbane West Roof restoration

Roof restoration is a critical part of various restorations. At Graeme Andrew Smith Painting and Decorating, they offer body corporations, owner-occupiers, and landlords an opportunity to renovate a roof into a high and premium standard.

Graeme has many connections in the region, and they have worked closely with Knowlman McDonald Architects and Builders, Kenmore for more than 40 years. With those connections, they can get high-quality materials and labor from the source that will help in achieving the best results that you desire. Graeme understands that roofs are different and others need more work than others.

They offer various services such as decreasing level of mold, water damage repairing and renovating damaged paint due to harsh weather conditions.

Body corporate

No matter big or complex the property is Graeme is the leaders in the field, especially in Body Corporate job. Every job is finished with the main focus on clients’ satisfaction. They are liable and give maximum attention to each service.

Sometimes, pets, kids, and scrapes have leave marks and damage your property. You need experts who will repair keenly without breaking it. The painting that is not done correctly will affect your business and have negative impacts on Return on Investment.

The team is committed to environmental sustainability, and they have invested in public liability insurance that amounts to $10 million.

New Constructions

With many years of expertise in the painting field, G.A.S Painting and Decorating Qld have completed painting of multiple enviable building in Brisbane and surrounding areas. They are careful in taking account of minor details that are of importance to you. Graeme will hold several meeting to assess and ascertain which type of paintings that you may need, your range of budget and your time-frame.

They will visit the site to check on constructions plans and seek further information from relevant authorities. They will start the work immediately once all details have been put in place.

Classic car paintings and restoration

Excellent automotive bodywork can make your car have a new look, and with Graeme experience painters you will have confidence while your vehicle is being restored. The workshop is friendly and uses paint that is safe for both the environment and users.

If your car is looking dull, then you have to visit G.A.S Painting and Decorating QLD. They will remove existing paint, straighten body panels and repaint it. They have an intensive knowledge of applications and painting products.

G.A.S Painting and Decorating Qld also provide services such as decorations of apartments and units, high-pressure water cleaning and timber-deck coatings. Why choose GAS Painting and Decorating Qld? They are the trusted experts that will guarantee you with excellent results.

They are aware of weather conditions in Brisbane and surrounding areas thus they will use quality paint that will withstand harsh weather conditions such as floods, hails storms and heat. With 60 years’ experience, you can expect the best from them.