About us


Our History

G.A.S Painting & Decorating Qld is a time-honoured family owned business with almost sixty years of combined work experience. The company was originally named Town & Country Contractors by the founder, Kelvin Smith, who first established the contracting business way back in 1959.

When his children became old enough, Kelvin began passing his vast knowledge onto his two sons, Graeme and Gary Smith, both of which learn a considerably amount of knowledge pertaining to the business from their seasoned father.



Graeme completed his apprenticeship in 1990 and then began partnering with his father in the family business two years later in 1992. Again, Graeme learned even more by doing and his father’s guidance only supported that knowledge.

Eventually Graeme took over the business in 2006 after working with and learning from his father for twenty years. Thanks to that, and Graeme’s own long history of experience, the company has a combined wealth of knowledge for handling any size job.

In 2018, Graeme changed the name from Town & Country Contractors to G.A.S Painting & Decorating Qld, incorporating his own initials – Graeme Andrew Smith – into the new moniker. Graeme alone currently has over thirty-two years of contracting experience himself, not counting the experience of others in the company and the experience of companies they work with.

For example, the company has a long standing forty year working relationship with Knowlman McDonald Architects and Builders, Kenmore, who also service the Brisbane metro area building luxury homes. Together, they have delivered many fine luxury homes to very happy families!

The Business Today

G.A.S Painting & Decorating Qld, a professional painting company which provides top quality work, has services available in the Brisbane metro and surrounding areas, including Mackay, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Fraser Island, and Stradbroke Island.

We use only the highest quality materials; combine this with the guaranteed high quality labour and skillset we have developed over the years and there’s no doubt we can achieve the best results for your project.

Why Choose Us?

why-choose-usWe work with a goal of offering our customers the peace of mind they need on every ongoing project. Regardless of the nature and size of the job, we assure you of high-quality work to meet your individual needs.

We understand that decorating or painting can be daunting when people decide to do it on their own. Our experts come to the rescue of business owners, homeowners and car owners in need of this sort of help.

Fully Insured

Fully-insuredG.A.S Painting & Decorating Qld is a QBCC licensed painting contractor with public liability insurance of $20 million.

Friendly Advice

Whatever the job, you can choose the colours that you feel are right for your home, business, or classic car. We are happy to help by assisting your decision with a colour consultation. Call today to set up your colour consultation and see what we have to offer. We are more than willing to help you in anyway we can.

Graeme will personally oversee each and every order from start to finish, ensuring that all projects, big and small, receive the same quality work they deserve. After all, this is his family business in which he takes great pride in. He wants to make you proud as well.