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Indooroopilly Painters

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the contemporary homes relates to the quality of the paint coat. The paint coat of the house contributes to the market value and the overall design aesthetic of the property as well.

While the quality of the paint coat is essential, not many painting service companies are able to provide the best results. With such a rich history, G.A.S Painting & Decorating Qld is perhaps one of the best solutions that you may consider for your needs in Indooroopilly. Dynamic, effective, reliable, and professional are just some of the few key values that the company embodies.

Indooroopilly QLDImagine being able to find the best painting service providers who can meet all your unique needs. The possibilities are endless! Now, with G.A.S Painting & Decorating Qld, you can be sure of achieving your unique property management goals and more.

Company history

Being a family-owned business, this best painters service takes pride in providing the best quality services in the country.

The company is based on various values, which are the main reasons behind their exceptional record of accomplishment in the painting industry. While the company initially developed out of the nothing, it has grown over the years to become an industry leader in the painting business.

Started in 1959 by Kelvin Smith who referred to the company as the Town & Country Contractors, the company would develop to become an industry leader in the painting business. In fact, Kelvin officially handed the baton down to his sons Gary and Graeme.

Both brothers cooperated for a few years, and each was exposed to intensive mentoring procedures. In fact, Graeme completed his apprenticeship in 1990, before linking up with his brother in the company in 1992.

Fast forward to 2006, and Graeme assumes full ownership of the company and with an immense understanding of the painting business. In fact, he has accumulated well over 32 years experience and is responsible for various operations at the company. Over the years, he has managed to introduce various improvements which have essentially taken the company to the next level.

In 2018, he orchestrated a complete rebranding of the company with a new name referred to as G.A.S Painting & Decorating Qld. The special company acronym represents Graeme`s names, which are Graeme Andrew Smith.

Indooroopilly Residential and Commercial Painting

The painter’s company services various areas within the region of Indooroopilly. Some of the main areas including Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Stradbroke Island, Fraser Island, just to name a few. They have a long-standing and fully functional relationship with Knowlman McDonald Architects and Builders, Kenmore.

Benefits of hiring us

Perhaps one of the most critical aspects of the services provided by G.A.S Painting & Decorating Qld that all procedures are transparent and unique. The company has strong values and a coherent mission statement that guides all their operations.

As a result, you can be sure of placing your painting tasks in the hands of highly professional service providers. An important aspect of their quality assurance procedures is that Graeme personally evaluates each project.

Indooroopilly Classic Cars restoration

The company also has an affinity for classic cars. As a result, you can easily gain access to their extensive knowledge of painting products and applications.

Besides that, another benefit of G.A.S Painting & Decorating Qld is that they also use unique painting procedures to get the job done right. Some of these include specializing in the applying new paints for commercial buildings, as well as repaints as well.

Additionally, other services might include repainting, refinishing, roof cleaning with the use of high-quality roof sealers.

The painting services might also entail procedures such as plastering work, repairs, and re-sheeting as well.

Dynamic services and highly experienced

G.A.S Painting & Decorating Qld can handle a host of unique painting procedures. Painting is a multi-faceted procedure and it requires high quality resources to achieve the best results.

Being a professional service provider in your area of Indooroopilly, the company specialises in:

  • Luxury homes
  • Restorations
  • Apartments
  • Roof restorations
  • Body corporate
  • Residential
  • Shop fitting

Having worked in the painting service market for several years, the company knows how to address your unique painting needs. In fact, the company leverages high-quality materials and high-level services to help you realise your painting dreams.

Regulatory compliant

The company is also in compliance with various business regulatory protocols. Some including the fact that the company is a QBCC licensed painting contractor. The company also meets various state and law regulations that relate to owning a painting business.

Furthermore, the company is also a public liability insurance of 10 million dollars. For this reason, you can be sure that you always leave your property in the hands of highly professional individuals.

Indooroopilly roof restoration

Taking things to the next level, this best painter service also offers other services to their esteemed customers. It’s important to note that painting is a multifaceted procedure that requires various procedures to achieve the best results.

Some of the additional procedures you can expect include roof cleaning, re-finishing, re-pointing and various other unique services. They can also help you choose the appropriate paint colors that are suitable for your business or home.

Choosing the ideal painting solution for your property has never been this easy. The company also does full automotive bodywork and re-paints. In fact, they can handle bare metal restorations, straightening body panels, repainting and more.

All things considered, there is no space for poor decision making or improvisation, especially when it comes to managing your property. Making informed choices, such as investing in the best painter services has its inherent benefits.

In other words, you are not only assured of high-quality painting services but various other benefits as well. This includes an improved design aesthetic for your property and market value as well. The paint also has long lasting benefits and you can always call for free estimates or consultation.