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Kenmore Painters

G.A.S Painters and Decorators Qld is a family owned business providing commercial and residential painting services to your area of Kenmore. Kelvin Smith laid the foundation of the company in 1959. Initially, he named the company as “Town and Country Contractors.” Graeme & Gary Smith were next in succession to achieve the great knowledge of Kelvin Smith.

Graeme Smith’s Role

Kelvin’s Smith son Graeme completed his apprenticeship in 1990. He then went into partnership with Kelvin in 1992. Graeme took over the business in 2006 and now has over 32 years’ experience.

In 2018, he renamed the business G.A.S Painting & Decorating Qld, which are Graeme’s initials – Graeme Andrew Smith. Graeme will personally oversee the entire project from start to finish.

Kenmore QLDG.A.S Painting & Decorating Qld is servicing the Brisbane metro and surrounding areas. We specifically provide a residential and commercial painting service for the area of Kenmore along with Mackay, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Fraser Island and Stradbroke Island are also acquiring the services from our company.

Our Specialty

We have a long-standing 40-year working relationship with Knowlman McDonald Architects and Builders, Kenmore who build luxury homes in Brisbane metro area.

What we Offer:

We offer customer satisfaction by helping our clients fixing their house and automobiles through painting, re-painting, and other services.

In order to get an idea about the personality of an individual, it is wise to look at their house and car. If they are organized, the house and car are likely to be organized as well.

Keeping in view the fact that a modern person is extremely busy keeping in pace with the fast-changing era of modernization. It is important to let the experts handle the other tasks, which are necessary for maintaining a reputation in the neighborhood.

Nobody likes the sight when guests arrive and the house looks old. The roof needs restoration and the car has scratches all over it.

We offer a variety of services to our clients in order to provide them with the utmost level of satisfaction. We are using knowledge passed down to us by Kelvin Smith. It is now a responsibility to maintain the reputation of the company by keeping the customers happy.

We offer the following services to our clients in Kenmore:

Luxury homes: We are a professional painting company providing top quality painting service to our clients. We are catering to luxury homes. Our clients in this sector are high end and deserve the best quality services. Having a dream home is what everyone dreams of, however, nobody thinks of the fact that luxury homes require maintenance to remain top class.

It is important to keep the house in top-notch position in order to maintain the luxurious position in the society. A house seems looks luxurious when the paint is bright and in accordance with the demands of the modern society. We have a high-quality material and we can assist the client in selecting the relevant paint colours.

Commercial Painting Kenmore

We are providing commercial and industrial painting services to our valuable clients. We have extensive knowledge to handle a job of any size. We specialize in new and repaint of commercial and industrial buildings. We have experience and license in the use of EWP.

Kenmore Residential painting

We offer our services in the residential sector as well. It is quite a market to cover. Repainting a certain area can make it look as good as new. It is important to keep the residential area clean. There should be no roofing issues but if there are, we offer those services as well.

Interior & exterior: We focus on both interior and exterior. We are providing the best of both worlds to our valuable clients.

New construction: We offer new construction to our clients. Our clients in this sector have the opportunity to avail of other services as well.

Kenmore roof restorations

It is important to maintain the house and restorations is one of the ways to keep it financially viable. No one knows when they would be selling their house and relocating to a new one. It is important to keep the house updated.

Repaint: Repainting is important for maintaining the house.

Units: We offer our services for the customers living in units.

Apartments: Customer service is the ultimate priority whether the customer owns a luxurious house or an apartment.

Roof restorations: We also offer our services for roof restorations. It is important to keep an eye on the roof, which is the most important part of our house. We offer roof cleaning, re-pointing and re-finishing with quality roofing sealers and membrane finishes.

Body corporate and Timber deck re-coating: We also specialize in offering these services as well.

High-pressure water cleaning: It is important to keep the house clean. A clean house gives out positive vibes.

We offer this particular service to help our clients to maintain the cleanliness and brightness of their house.

A house is a place where a person spends most of their time. Keeping it clean should be the utmost priority of any person.

We are using the highest quality materials combined with high-quality labor to achieve the best results. We will help to choose the colors that are right for your home or business.

Besides, all this we offer the following services as well but these for automobiles:

Classic Cars Restoration in Kenmore

A car reflects how organized and clean a person is. People who drive dirty cars have scratches on different places, reflect whether the car is old or the person can be a rash driver and is not taking enough care of the car.

Classic car bodywork and re-painting can be a valuable service for these clients.

Painting services can include plastering work, re-sheeting, and repairs. We are QBCC licensed painting contractor & decorator; public liability insurance of $10 million.

A love of classic cars and extensive knowledge of painting products and applications we offer full automotive bodywork and re-paints.

We also offer bare metal restorations, remove existing paint, 2 Pack epoxy primer applied, removal and repair of rusting metal, straightening body panels and repainting as discussed previously.